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Test Code URE/LAB5306 Electrophoresis, Random Urine

Performing Laboratory

Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center

Specimen Requirements

Preferred first void in the morning:

Random urine:

Sterile Collection Cup

Container MUST be labeled with: Office Location, Patient’s First and Last Name and Date of Birth

Specimen Transport Temperature and Stability

Refrigerate (2°-8°C), send to laboratory immediately.

Fresh samples are recommended for analysis. 

Samples are stable 7 days if refrigerated at 2°-8° C; one month if frozen.

Specimen Minimum Volumne

5 mLs

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday - Friday, AM shift

Reason for Rejection

Grossly bloody

Additional Information

Use: Report includes mg/dL; no reference ranges are available for random urine electrophoresis. If total protein is detectable, report will include total protein (mg/dL),  % albumin, % globulin, and abnormal bands, if present.


 High Resolution Gel Electrophoresis

Performing Department

Special Chemistry

Test Classification and CPT Coding

84166  Protein; electrophoretic fractionation and quantitation, other fluids with concentration (eg, urine) 

Billing Code