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Test Code U24URI/LAB841 Uric Acid - 24 Hour Urine

Performing Laboratory

Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center / Asante Three Rivers Medical Center

Specimen Requirements

24 hour urine, 24 hour urine container with  preservative added prior to collection.

Add 10 mls of 5% NaOH prior to collection.

Keep at room temperature during collection.

It is recommended that the assay be performed within 2 hours of finishing collection.

24 Hour Urine Container Instructions


Container MUST be labeled with: Office Location, Patient’s First and Last Name and Date of Birth


Instruct patient:

  • To label container with Date and time collection started, Date and time collection finished. 
  • Void and DISCARD the first-morning specimen and to record exact time of voiding.
  • Patient should collect all subsequent voided urine for remainder of day and night.
  • Collect first-morning specimen on day 2 at same time as noted on day 1.
  • Collection is complete.
  • Keep urine refrigerated during entire collection. Screw lid on securely.

Specimen Transport Temperature and Stability

Keep at room temperature during collection

Send to laboratory immediately upon completion of collection

Assay should be performed within 2 hours of completion

Specimen Minimum Volume

1.0 mL of a well mixed 24 hour specimen

Reasons for Rejection

Lacking collection date

Lacking collection beginning and ending times

Lack of Two Patient Identifiers:

         1-Patient's First & Last name 

         2-Patient's Date of Birth

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday 

Additional Information

Elevated in gout.  Look for hyperuricosuria in patients with renal calculus formation, identification of genetic defects, influence of overexcretion on therapy of gout. Decreased in lead toxicity and folic acid deficiency.



Performing Department


Test Classification and CPT Coding

84560  -  Uric acid; other source 

Billing Code