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Test Code HELI/LAB5380 Helicobacter pylori Antibody

Performing Laboratory

Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center

Specimen Transport Temperature and Stability

  • Centrifuge and separate within 2 hours from the time of collection.
  • If serum samples are not assayed within 8 hours, store at 2°-8° C.
  • If not assayed within 72 hours sample should be frozen.
  • Frozen samples should only be thawed once.
  • Analytic deterioration may occur in samples that are repeatedly frozen and thawed.

Specimen Minimum Volume

0.3 uL serum

Day(s) Test Set Up

Tests batched and performed Tuesday and Thursday, AM shift.

Reasons for Rejection



Additional Information

Use:  Increased antibody levels are associated with chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease and gastric carcinoma.

This test is not intended for use on asymptomatic patients.  In symptomatic individuals, a positive test result should be confirmed by bacterial isolation or other diagnostic testing.  This test cannot distinguish between active and inactive infection.



Performing Department

Special Chemistry

Test Classification and CPT Coding

86677  Antibody; Helicobacter pylori  

Billing Code