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Test Code FAC8P/LAB5076 Factor VIII Assay

Performing Laboratory

Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center

Specimen Requirements

Blue top tube - Refer to ORDER OF DRAW


Note:  The ratio of blood to anticoagulant is critical.

Vacutainers must draw their full volume.

Syringe Draw:     

4.5 mL blood in 5 mL Blue top tube

2.7 mL blood in 3 mL Blue top tube

1.8 mL blood in 2 mL Blue top tube

Specimens will not be accepted if tubes are not filled to their correct volume.

If multiple tests are drawn, draw coagulation studies first or second

Specimen Transport Temperature and Stability

Stable 4 hours unopened or opened, room temperature or refrigerated

Specimen Minimum Volume

1 properly filled 2 mL Blue top tube

Reasons for Rejection

Quantity not sufficient (QNS)

Specimens not filled to correct volume

Lacking Two Patient Identifiers:

         1-Patient's First & Last name 

         2-Patient's Date of Birth

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Routine - same day

ASAP - 2 hours after receipt of specimen in lab

STAT - 1 hour after receipt of specimen in lab

Additional Information

Detection of coagulant Factor VIII deficiency. 

Factor VIII deficiency (hemophilia A) is the most common of the hereditary bleeding disorders.  Clinical features are the same as for Factor IX deficiency (see Factor IX). 


Turbidimetric clot detection by measuring change in optical density

Performing Department


Test Classification and CPT Coding

85240  -  Clotting; factor VIII (AHG)

Billing Code