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Test Code ZIKA Zika Virus

Important Note

Testing is performed at Oregon Public Health Laboratories

All testing for Zika virus must be pre-approved by local or state public health officials prior to specimen submission.

Healthcare Providers: Work with your local health department to coordinate testing. See also Zika Information for Oregon Healthcare Providers.

Performing Laboratory

Oregon Public Health Laboratories

Specimen Collection, Handling, and Transport Information

If testing is approved, collect specimen(s) consistent with the instructions on the OSPHL Lab Test Menu.
  • If specimen collection is up to 13 days (<2 weeks) from symptom onset or possible Zika virus exposure, follow the instructions for Trioplex PCR.
  • If specimen collection is between 14 days (2 weeks) and 12 weeks after symptom onset or possible Zika virus exposure, follow the instructions for Zika IgM

If you are instructed by County or State Public Health officials to collect tissue specimens, please follow the CDC Instructions for Collecting Fetal Tissue Specimens for Zika Virus Testing closely.

Do not ship specimens directly to the CDC; ship to the OSPHL with the forms listed below.

Specimens may be forwarded to the CDC by the OSPHL for subsequent or confirmatory testing per CDC testing algorithms.

Required Forms

Please submit the following forms with the specimen(s):

(If you need a copy of this form, please check with your facility's laboratory or contact the OSPHL Virology/Immunology Section at 503-693-4100.)